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Dear Visitor - It's a little difficult for me to share what clients have to say.  On one hand I blush with their compliments but on the other hand - its their private inner world we are talking about.  Its special work to me that is confidential, private and I am not here to take the credit.  However, over the years, happy clients, have provided me with feedback and letters they asked me to share so others might benefit.   Still, I feel compelled to do so with names and professions as well as other identifying details removed to protect their process. I will start posting their kind words here for the light of day.  - Carolyn Winter
"I had been living abroad, returned to Canada broke, recently divorced with a sick young son of 7 and no visible means of support. I made a deep commitment to assure that my boy would never be marginalized. I opened my own company and worked, prayed and intended success. I achieved it beyond my expectations. My little company had revenues in the millions within two years. Unconsciously, I was also creating a vehicle to sabotage myself, Due to a negligent bookkeeper whom I didn't manage, I also amassed a massive tax problem. The figure that I ended up owing them was almost equivalent to a years sales. It was a long and arduous journey.

It has taken 5 years for the story to unfold, the struggle to be lived and for closure. There is not a doubt in my mind that I could never have accomplished what I have without Holographic Repatterning and Carolyn in particular. She has remained objective, even and frighteningly smart, as she has spotted and worked on my inner patterns.   At some points there was a crisis a day, even an hour. At others it was weekly or monthly. I called her consistently for support to help me evolve past what was hidden from me. Unconscious or not, it was being projected out into the world and was bringing back results that were highly destructive. Carolyn helped me transmute all of this into lessons of inestimable value. She stayed the course when I cried, laughed hysterically or was panicked to the point of being immobile. It was, in part, through her remarkable work, good heart, grounded spirit and amazing skills that I have championed what seemed absolutely impossible even one short year ago.

I strongly recommend that you take ownership of wherever you are at in your life. Carolyn can help you do this. Kindly, gently and with equanimity. Her integrity is of the highest order. She does not gossip or blame. She simply goes to your core and helps you sort out what is really happening for you as opposed to the illusion that most of us hold of being victimized by the struggles of our life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

If you have found her, you are very lucky indeed."

"Faith is the bird who feels dawn's warmth and sings before it is light." - Rabindranith Tagore