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Are you living a pattern that blocks you from having the success you desire?
Increasingly, pattern identification is a science that is used in a variety of disciplines from police detective work to economics meshed with social statistics. Patterns are all around us with ever more powerful technology tools helping us to discern them and bring meaning to them. You may have experienced the magic of patterns in your own life with synchronicities as simple as thinking about someone at a particular time of day and they call, or noticing a repeating family pattern. Perhaps you have noticed patterns of problems that occur in your work, relationships or life in general.

The patterns that we notice and make good use of are conscious and can be helpful to us in navigating our life and find purpose or meaning. When we are conscious of the patterns in our life we are in right action, flowing around obstacles, and creating opportunity out of problems.

You can break free of a pattern to create life asyou would like it to be!

However, it is the hidden or unconscious patterns in our energy field that contributes to blocks we may be experiencing such as limitation or pain from relationship challenges, money issues, a stagnant career etc. When a problem occurs once, we think fine that will never happen to me again. But when the same essential problem keeps coming back in different packages (people or situations) but always the same problem, you just know there are unconscious patterns at play. These are difficult to clear if we dont have a map to find the underlying layers and connections that are at cause in our problems today.
Holographic Coaching with Carolyn Winter helps you uncover the hidden, inaccessible patterns, to identify related qualities and their resonances and clear them with custom healing exercises (modalities) that fit your circumstances. It is a healing process based on the biofeedback system of the body, and your own inner wisdom, in tandem with the Resonance Repatterning system. Using ancient wisdom maps of the yogic chakra system, the Chinese Acupuncture maps and 5 Elements knowledge, sound healing, color therapy and more, the process helps you to get in touch with your unconscious patterns, in your own unique timeline, and shift to a place of greater coherence where positive change is possible.

When we clear non-coherent patterns we experience a physical sense of inner peace, calmness, confidence. We have clarity about our situation and can take action with ease. Other people respond to our inner radiance with support.

Participate in one of the unique online programs or have one to one consultations with Carolyn to discover the patterns holding you back and to create more coherence for your situation.
Are ready to start finding the hidden patterns in your energy field?

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